My kumite Coach

During my first years as a karate athlete I trained in Köpings Karate Club under Sensei Henrik Hansson (until I started in Degerfors). Henrik had all the grown-ups trainings but let me be a part of them sometimes even if I wasn’t old enough. Thanks to that he kept me interested in learning new and more things and also challengeing myself. Henrik taught me a lot about thinking differently and outside the box when it comes to Kumite.
 At my first kumite competition I took a second place thanks to his trainings. My second kumite competition was the Wado Ryu Worlds 2008 where I participated in a team. My third kumite competition was at the Wado Ryu Europeans 2009 where I took the bronze, coached and trained (in kumite) by Henrik.
Henrik Hansson
  • 5 dan wado ryu
  • 4 dan wado kai
  • 6 dan gendai Ju Jutsu
Henrik was born in 1963 and 14 years later (1977) he started training karate in Köping. Back then the instructors in Köping were Jan Kreigsman and Jan Erik Kronaas. In the beginning of the 80’s it was Sensei Raymond Young who took over and became the instructor until around the year of 2000.
Henrik competed actively during the 80’s and all the time until 1996 when he got injured in the hip which put a stop to his participations at competitions. Both his hip joints are now replaced.
Among all Henrik’s achievements he was a member of the Wado Ryu national team for 10 years and during that time he receivd a lot of nice medals. For example a third place at the Wado Ryu worlds in individual kumite (-93), a second place at the Wado Ryu Europeans in team (-89), a second place two years in a row at the Wado Ryu Europeans in individual kumite (-90, -91).
In the beginning of the 90’s Henrik started training Sport Ju Jutsu which today takes a lot of his time. In his home club KMA in Köping they train BJJ, Sport Ju Jutsu, gendai Ju Jutsu and Karate. One of Henrik’s main interests is koryu Ju Jutsu and he has at several occasions trained under menkyo kaiden Toby Threadgil, Shindo Yoshin Ryu Ju Jutsu. During the spring 2013 he’s planned to travel to Japan to possibly exam to 5:e dan Wado Kai and also later during 2013 a travel to Italy to perhaps also exam to 7:e dan Ju Jutsu.
Nowadays he is a member of the Wado Kai organization Gusenkai, with Sensei Bob Nash as their mentor.