My Kata Coach

In November 2009 I trained for the first time with my Sensei (which is the only one I train for today), Johnny Karlsson and his other students Hanna Karlsson and Elin Kringsberg (we were supposed to build up a team). We all trained individually at the beginning because we needed to work on my “shito ryu knowledge”, because basically this was the point when I think I changed style for real. Johnny told me that he could see that I had talent, I was a rough diamond.

We decided to not only work on the team performance but also my individual.We started out a co-operation where we both knew that we together could succeed with everything we wanted to. My Sensei theories and thoughts about training are matching my body’s way of learning perfectly. Through blood, sweat and pain we have worked hard and we will work even harder to reach our goals.

During the fall 2010 it was time for our “unknown” Kata Team to compete for the first time at the Swedish Championship. We had trained no more than 100 hours because we all lived in different places so it was never easy to find trainings where everyone had the possibility to participate. We ended up winning the final against the Kata team that had won all the years before (which I can remember). Our Sensei, Johnny did an amazing job taking all three of ours performances to a higher level. As proud as he were of our achievement, as proud were we of having him as our Sensei.

Me and Johnny are now working on my individual performance so we can reach our goals together. We are working very hard and we are putting a lot of time and energy into making my performance better and better. If we need to go through fire to reach our goals, we will do it.