Rise and shine.

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Rise and shine everybody. The sun is out (for once) and the weather is great. I always get so much energy when the sun is shining… haha. Started my day with a training session in my dojo, focus on kihon and technique today. Only a few weeks left to the Swedish championships and Dutch open. Looking forward. What else is happening? Well guess what, I’m studying… Right now we are reading about breast cancer and its different forms. Very interesting.

Watch my good-looking gi pants. The one and only Shureido 😉 IMG_7261

Work hard.

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Yo girls n boys. How was your weekend?? My weekend was great. I have been working a lot at the hospital, which I really like. And the rest of the time I have been studying.. School is crazy right now with a lot of homework and other stuff that takes up space in my brain. But eyes on the goal, it’s worth every minute of my time. Probably the shortest post ever but I need to keep studying… Tomorrow it will be a new week with new opportunities!



Back to the reality.

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First day back in school since two weeks… Was actually really fun to be back, meet all my sweet friends and learning more about the reproductive system. My day has been really long, school from 8-17 and then I got back home to study more.. Now I’m gonna relax for a while before training. Work hard train hard. The best thing on the day is my training, it’s what I’m always waiting for, and preparing for. Go go go.



Rest day.

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So my first whole day in Sweden since 2 weeks haha feels actually so weird to wake up in my own bed, to study in my own kitchen and so on haha… I get used to traveling and only train, eat, sleep, repeat very fast. These past two weeks have been like heaven for me. Gotta do it soon again! 🙂

Well now it’s back to basic. I have learned a lot of things that I really want to improve. Though since I trained both Saturday and Sunday in Paris it was time for one rest-day today. I have been very lazy today for once. I hate being lazy. Uh my whole body starts scratching cause I really don’t like it. But it was good to let my body rest and to study a lot.

Anyway I gotta get back to my studies… The picture today is from this weekend, on me and my lovely sis from Switzerland.


I love 2016.

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This start of the year has been really good, but also really busy. So if we start from the beginning: We all wanna end the old year and start the new year doing something we love, something we feel passionate about. For me I realized their is only one thing I really wanted to do –> train karate. So when the time struck 00.00 I stood all sweaty in my dojo, working my ass off. It was truly the most amazing way to end 2015, and start 2016. I loved and enjoyed every single second.

What has happened more during these busy weeks? Well I did have an exam the 14th january which took a lot of my time, study study study study. Also during the evening after my exam I started my trip to Spain where I spent a week training with my amazing friend Fran Salazar, World champion. A really hard and sweaty camp, but it was really fun. Can’t thank him enough for these last days.

After Spain I only had 24 hours in Sweden before leaving for Paris Open. The competition did go both good and bad. I was out against Miskova with 3-2. She often takes the third place or standing in the bronze match at big competitions, so I was close to take her but not close enough. I don’t believe in “unlucky” so now I need to train really hard, cause next time I’m gonna be so good it’s gonna be 5-0 to me. My weekend in Paris has been really great, I met so many of my international friends which some I haven’t seen for over 2 years. And of course spending time with the Swedish team, our little family, is always a joy.

Anyway, at the moment I’m still in Paris… And actually on my way back to Sweden, studying at the airport and just took a short break for posting the first post of 2016 on my blog.

So back on track now. Don’t forget to visit, before you know it next post will be up. The picture is on me and my very good friend Fran.


Guess who

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First of all, it’s finally christmas vacation. Since I started medschool we have never had one single christmas vacation. But this year we have. 2016 is gonna be such a fantastic year. So anyway, this is my first day “free from school”. Yesterday we wrote our last exam which I actually think went good, but you never know so I’ll wait for the result before I say anything more haha.

Today I slept way too long but it doesn’t matter, I still have time for 2 trainings which is the most important factor. There will first be a karate session and after that I will go for a run later tonight. Next competition for me will be Paris Open next year in January. Looking forward!!!

Also look what a nice and cool t-shirt our national karate federation has. Guess who is in the picture?

Un beso


12 days.

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Can’t believe I will be done with school in less than 4 days. And I really can’t believe it’s christmas in less than 6 days. And if that’s not enough, it’s only 12 days left of 2015. 12 days left to 2016. Sound so crazy, and feels quite weird to write it haha Think i’m getting to emotional, have been studying now for hm 16 hours with a few short breaks of course. Maybe it’s time to sleep….

Tomorrow morning it’s finally time for a karate session. Looking forward. Otherwise I’m not doing much, training eating sleeping studying and longing for christmas vacation.

Here is a picture from this summer’s trip to Türkiye. Summer-feelings, miss the sun…


Train hard AND Study hard.

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Good afternoon ladies N Gentlemen. Such a fantastic weekend with a lot of trainings. Today is my rest day so it’s not too much fun.. But hey you gotta rest too if you want maximal results. So no training today but a lot of homework, only one week left to the last exam of 2015.

Right now I’m at the University and “waiting” (studying while I’m waiting) for my last lesson. After that I’m finally going home, been at Uni since 8 this morning… Guess what I’m gonna do when I get back home?? Study.. 😉

A photo from this weekend showing how important it is to use all minutes you have. When I’m not training I’m studying. You can do whatever you want in life. Many people told me it would be impossible for me to combine med-school and being a elite athlete but I can tell you one thing for sure, Nothing is impossible. The photo is taken by the amazing photographer Christer Hagman. 



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Today didnt go exactly as good as it did yesterday but it was still a good day. We trained a lot of whole katas where my sore muscles didn’t always do as I wanted but what to do excpet train harder and push yourself over your limit over and over again. Looking forward to a long night sleep and then a new day with new trainings. I really enjoy our camps.

What else is happening? Well I’m studying every minute I have left since my last exam for this year is in a week. A lot to do in a short time.. Go Go Go.

Btw keep an eye at the sponsored pictures at Instagram, one day you might see me there…. 😉 Plus dont forget to follow miakarlsson.


Personal bests.

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WHAT A DAY! A fantastic day. As I told you before I’m at our national camp right now and today we have had a lot pf physical tests. I took a new PB in all tests. In chins I finally did 8, almost 9 but I had a few centimeters left. Also I improved my squats from august with 10 kg so not far until 100 kg now. I’m so happy with the day. There is so much I can improve but from august until now I’ve increased every single test so for tonight I will be just happy and tomorrow my roadtogold continues. Plus I got back the result from my exam earlier today which went great!! So feels like everything going my way right now.

Now it’s time to rest because tomorrow we got two hard karate session! Go hard or go home!

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