I love 2016.

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This start of the year has been really good, but also really busy. So if we start from the beginning: We all wanna end the old year and start the new year doing something we love, something we feel passionate about. For me I realized their is only one thing I really wanted to do –> train karate. So when the time struck 00.00 I stood all sweaty in my dojo, working my ass off. It was truly the most amazing way to end 2015, and start 2016. I loved and enjoyed every single second.

What has happened more during these busy weeks? Well I did have an exam the 14th january which took a lot of my time, study study study study. Also during the evening after my exam I started my trip to Spain where I spent a week training with my amazing friend Fran Salazar, World champion. A really hard and sweaty camp, but it was really fun. Can’t thank him enough for these last days.

After Spain I only had 24 hours in Sweden before leaving for Paris Open. The competition did go both good and bad. I was out against Miskova with 3-2. She often takes the third place or standing in the bronze match at big competitions, so I was close to take her but not close enough. I don’t believe in “unlucky” so now I need to train really hard, cause next time I’m gonna be so good it’s gonna be 5-0 to me. My weekend in Paris has been really great, I met so many of my international friends which some I haven’t seen for over 2 years. And of course spending time with the Swedish team, our little family, is always a joy.

Anyway, at the moment I’m still in Paris… And actually on my way back to Sweden, studying at the airport and just took a short break for posting the first post of 2016 on my blog.

So back on track now. Don’t forget to visit, before you know it next post will be up. The picture is on me and my very good friend Fran.