During the summer 2012 I was going to move out just like I did during the summer 2011. I needed someplace to go and that’s when I found out about a company called Senäte. We contacted them and discussed the subject sponsoring. They told us they had a vacant apartment available for me. That was totally perfect for me so I just went with the flow.

My apartment is very nice and I like it there a lot. My neighbors are social and I live just beside the soccer field. Soccer is a big sport in my town, a common interest. The good thing with Senäte’s apartments is their location. They have all their apartments in good neighborhoods and very close to the town and the buss stations, which are great advantages with their company.

Something you should notice is that Senäte has recently started a school in Medellin, Columbia. The town is known for their huge problem with drugs and violence and Senäte wanted to start a school there which may help the young ones. The school has room for 250 kids, and all these kids are often poor and without a parent. Senäte wants to give the kids a good start in life and prevent them for ending up as thieves or as child soldiers (which is very common).

Senäte is treating their customers really good and they have a great attitude which I also think is very important. It’s amazing to have them as my landlord and I’m extremely happy about that. If you are looking for a apartment in Degerfors (and also other cities) I recommend you to contact Senäte. You will be nothing else but happy and satisfied with what you get.

Click at the button below and you will enter their homepage. There you can see in which towns they have apartments, which apartments that are available with prices etc. Also you can read a lot more about their project in Colombia and maybe get inspired by their amazing work.