Train hard AND Study hard.

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Good afternoon ladies N Gentlemen. Such a fantastic weekend with a lot of trainings. Today is my rest day so it’s not too much fun.. But hey you gotta rest too if you want maximal results. So no training today but a lot of homework, only one week left to the last exam of 2015.

Right now I’m at the University and “waiting” (studying while I’m waiting) for my last lesson. After that I’m finally going home, been at Uni since 8 this morning… Guess what I’m gonna do when I get back home?? Study.. 😉

A photo from this weekend showing how important it is to use all minutes you have. When I’m not training I’m studying. You can do whatever you want in life. Many people told me it would be impossible for me to combine med-school and being a elite athlete but I can tell you one thing for sure, Nothing is impossible. The photo is taken by the amazing photographer Christer Hagman.