District champion.

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I have been so busy these last days. I thought I was a “busy person” before, but now I am for sure. First of all I’m like an intern at the hospital, so I’m attending a lot of surgeries, meeting a lot of patients, and so on. And I’m enjoying my time so much, I almost don’t wanna go home at the end of the day so I often stay a few hours more. Secondly we still have things to work on in school of course, our theme right now is the respiratory system. This is my last week as an intern so gotta make it the best week ever!

Anyway, I was at this year’s district championships this weekend. I won all four matches 5-0 which felt really great. A good way to end this season before summer-training. A big hug to all my friends who was there cheering for me. I appreciated it so much!

Right now I’m at the university and studying a bit extra after my practice. Soon time for training with my Sensei. I will start blog more often but as you may understand, this week has been fully occupied with surgeries and trainings 😉

Work for what YOU want.