Missed me?

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I have been so busy these last couple of days. Haven’t even used the computer to do anything else than study!! ANYWAY now I’m back. Speaking of the word “days”, there is really not many days left of this semester. 5th of June is my last day so it’s around 3 weeks until I’m done. After this semester I have completed 2 whole years at Medical school, unbelievable!! Time passes so quickly! On saturday I will have one exam, and then I will have one more 5th of June, so right now I study a lot (and train a lot ofc).

I just want it to be summer now. I have so many fun things to look forward too. First of all, I got a job at the hospital in Örebro, a fantastic job which I’m looking forward to so much. I want to start working now! Secondly, summer means train insane which I also love. Thirdly, summer means sun which means heat and I trust me, I’m tired of all this rain and cold now haha!

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