First July

Posted by on Jul 1, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Already 1st July. Sweden is finally getting that hot summer-weather. I been thinking now for a few weeks that summer won’t come to Sweden, lucky it seems like I was wrong. Today it was so hot so it almost felt like the only thing I did was sweating. Sweating on my way to my training, sweating on my training, sweating on the way home from my training. Yeah “life is hard” 😉 Kidding, a bit disgusting, but yeah I actually love it. Imagine a freaking hard work out, everything felt really good and you’r all sweaty, admit it, feels kind of good?!

I just got back from the gym so now I’m really tired. Early morning tomorrow so I better get to sleep now.

The picture is from my vacation in Türkiye. #AIMHIGH