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Rise and shine everybody, I’m back with my posts again. So I thought from the beginning that during summer I will have so much more time than I usually have, but no no no, I was so wrong. Here I am, with a 10 minutes gap until I gotta go to work. I’m working quite a lot right now, and when I’m not working I’m training or resting (which is important even if I don’t like it…). Most of the times my days ends around 12.00 am. And depending on my schedule I sometimes start again 05.00.. But luckily I often start my day around 08.00 am. Which has left me no time for updating my blog.. But I got it more under control now so finally I can say Back on track. 

I started my day with a session at the gym. I can almost feel how my muscles are growing, and I can truly feel the results of better strength and balance. I really believe in this plan. Like I said before, now it’s time for work and after that I will have a sweaty Kihon session.