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Hey everybody, remember me? This summer has probably been one of the best summers. Been training like a real crazy person, hanging with my friends, working, and sleeping of course 😉 It feels like I’ve actually have had time for everything I wanted, though I wouldn’t complain if I had done even more trainings.. haha I’m never full, always want to train more. So honestly I don’t know what to say about my summer, the training and my work has really been my top priority and that is what have taken most of my time. This summer’s training has had focus on increasing my strength.

Tomorrow I’m back at University. Starting my third year, feels like I did my first day yesterday. Anyway I’m looking forward to learn new things and see what this semester has to give.

About the headline, my schedule for the season is finally done. Everything is booked and done. It will be three premier league competitions and Banzai. Starting with Istanbul in two weeks.

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