Work hard, Train hard, Study hard.

Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

What a long day. First day back at University – it was so much fun to meet everybody again, I’m truly missed them all. We also got our first assignment today, which was HUGE. Really not a “soft start” after summer, but hey I’m not complaining, it just means I’ll get the chance to learn more during these few days. Gotta study real hard to finish this project. Anyway, my day at University was done around 02.20 pm and I started my work at the hospital 02.30 pm, sooo not a lot of time to rest. Lucky I truly like my job so that was no problem, I really enjoy it. My shift was done at 10.00 pm so I was home really late. Today was also my rest-day from all training so tomorrow I will train, study, train, study, train, study and then eat and sleep. Sounds like the typical day in my life.

To keep following my typical-day-schedule it’s really about time I go to sleep… Sleep well everybody. Don’t forget to smile.