Soon up: Istanbul

Posted by on Sep 1, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Only 3 days left until this season’s first competition, which will be held in Turkey, Istanbul Open. I’m really looking forward. I wanna see what progresses I’ve made but also what I need to improve to get better. When you are at the tatami at a competition you see what you can achieve right in that moment, and that is what I wanna improve even more. I wanna be become the best. I will become the best. And I need to keep up with my training and never for one second give up or doubt.

What else is happening? Well I’m back at school, so I’m studying a lot.. Studying, eating, training, sleeping – repeat (!). Right now we are reading about colorectal cancer, interesting subject given that fact that some are more or less inherited. Anyway, I gotta finish our case so I can sleep. Tomorrow I’m back in the dojo. Work hard, train hard.