Back in Sweden.

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So the competition didn’t really go as well as I had hoped for. I was out against Turkey, (2nd at the European championship, and 3rd at the European games), and with no repechage. I wanted so badly to do an amazing kata that I didn’t let my body just do what it has trained on, what I have learned during my trainings. And this made my kata instabile, and not as explosive as I know I can do it. It’s important that their is a balance, you just gotta let everything go and perform your kata. Trust your body, and trust your knowledge. I maybe didn’t took a medal, but I’ve learned so much this weekend. I really started to understand what’s happening in my head when I’m about to enter the tatami. I’m looking forward so much to keep on training and just improve every little detail.

Our flight home yesterday took so many hours, everything was delayed. But still, when I landed in Stockholm, me and my friend Felix went straight to the Dojo and worked on some of the things we felt went wrong at the competition. Why waste any time? #roadtogold

After that I took the train back home to my city, even the train was delayed a few hours. Anyway, next competition will be German Open in three weeks. I’m so excited to just train hard, and give 110%.