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So hey everybody, remember me? I haven’t had so much time to update my blog these last few weeks. Every week I’ve been abroad, and during the weeks I have been studying and training. I have increased my training now, feeling more addicted than ever. It’s crazy how bad I feel when I have my rest-days or only have one training a day…

I spent this weekend in Salzburg for the last K1 of the year. I had a really tough draw but won my first match with 5-0, and then I lost second against the bronze medalist at the World championships from Peru. I’m not satisfied at all with the result, but it still feels like I improved my katas compared to last competition (one week before that).. #roadtogold continues.

See the picture? See how many people you can get to do the same thing and tag #miakarlsson, Challenge accepted? Let’s see who can make the highest!