Busy life?

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Hey everybody! Guess what? I’ve missed this so much. Letting my self take a few minutes every night to update my blog. So much has happened since I last posted something. This semester is probably a new personal record of being busy with things I love. I have increased my training both in the number of trainings and the intensity, and the demands at the University have also increased which mean more time in school. Plus on my spare time I have worked at the hospital which I also love. So all in all, never been this busy but never been this happy either.

So what has been happening? Well first of all I ended this karate season on top. Last competition was Stockholm open where I took two of two golds. My motivation has been on top (like always hehe). Right after the competition I started a period of a lot of physics which I’m still in. This weekend is actually our national camp which includes a few tests of our physics and I’m really looking forward. I wanna see what I have increased and what I need to do better to become the best. #roadtogold

Less than 2 weeks left to christmas. I love all christmas-feelings. Only thing that I’m missing is the snow? Feeling crazy when I look out the window and see… rain???

Really gotta sleep now so I get a chance to rest before our tests tomorrow. But hey, I’m back on track so come back tomorrow for next post!