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So I just arrived back home from the national team’s camp. A three day camp in Stockholm. Everything went great, amazing trainings. A sweaty weekend with a lot of sore muscles.

Anyway, tomorrow is rest day and then I’m all back to my trainings. This is the last week at University before summer break so now I’m just giving 200 % so I can finish this last exam. So with different words, this is a really busy week for me. Never give up. 


Hello Sunshine

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Started the day early with a seminar at Uni. It was about discrimination and equal care. After that I’v only been studying.. Can’t wait until I get back home so I can train. Tonight I have a session in my Dojo. Warm up, then kihon and sequences from my katas. My body feel literally dead when I can’t train as much as I want, and I want to train nooow haha

I will study hard now so I can train later – sounds like a good deal to me. Btw, finally suns out, and the “heat” is here (still cold, but less cold…) so it’s time to welcome the summer – HELLO SUNSHINE.

In love with my necklace.

Un beso 



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Only 9 days until summer break. Counting the days…

So today I’v been studying haha a lot (!). First me and my teammates visited the hospital for a lesson in how to exam the airways. Very interesting and instructive. After that I have only been studying until now. Rest-day today, so tomorrow I’m back in the dojo. On friday I will travel to Stockholm for a training camp with the national team. Looking forward. First we’ll test our physics and after we have several karate sessions. Go hard or Go home.



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Less than 2 weeks until summer break!! It’s crazy how fast time passes… Last saturday I had an four hour exam, and next friday I will have one more, the last one before summer. So what I’m doing right now is studying (!).

The training is going great. I have been planning everything with my coaches so that we all know where we are heading and what we need to do to reach the goals. Road to become THE BEST.

Short post today but gotta go and keep studying… Only ONE exam left!!


Missed me?

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I have been so busy these last couple of days. Haven’t even used the computer to do anything else than study!! ANYWAY now I’m back. Speaking of the word “days”, there is really not many days left of this semester. 5th of June is my last day so it’s around 3 weeks until I’m done. After this semester I have completed 2 whole years at Medical school, unbelievable!! Time passes so quickly! On saturday I will have one exam, and then I will have one more 5th of June, so right now I study a lot (and train a lot ofc).

I just want it to be summer now. I have so many fun things to look forward too. First of all, I got a job at the hospital in Örebro, a fantastic job which I’m looking forward to so much. I want to start working now! Secondly, summer means train insane which I also love. Thirdly, summer means sun which means heat and I trust me, I’m tired of all this rain and cold now haha!

Un beso

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The days are passing so fast. TOO fast. What to do, you just gotta live the moment and enjoy every second. Speaking of joy, tomorrow is our practical exam (OSCE). I’m so nervous.. haha. I’m never nervous, but now I’m for once in my life. Cross your fingers for me tomorrow morning. I have been practicing real hard so hopefully it will go well 🙂

Short post, but gotta run. Time for training (!). Note my new, extremely beautiful necklace of Hamsa (Fatima’s hand), a present from my bestie Lana.

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Back to the reality.

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My two weeks as an intern is now over… I have had so much fun (!!!) and I’v learned so many new things. My knowledge is much deeper now than it was before my internship. So a big THANK YOU to all who thought me new things, who welcomed me with open arms, who gave me the opportunity to develop. I already miss it. Tomorrow I’m back to all books.

What else is happening right now? Not much actually, I train, I eat, I sleep and I study. And yeah that is basically it. Right now I just finished today’s studies so now it’s time to train and after that I will visit my bestie. Enjoy the weekend everybody!


District champion.

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I have been so busy these last days. I thought I was a “busy person” before, but now I am for sure. First of all I’m like an intern at the hospital, so I’m attending a lot of surgeries, meeting a lot of patients, and so on. And I’m enjoying my time so much, I almost don’t wanna go home at the end of the day so I often stay a few hours more. Secondly we still have things to work on in school of course, our theme right now is the respiratory system. This is my last week as an intern so gotta make it the best week ever!

Anyway, I was at this year’s district championships this weekend. I won all four matches 5-0 which felt really great. A good way to end this season before summer-training. A big hug to all my friends who was there cheering for me. I appreciated it so much!

Right now I’m at the university and studying a bit extra after my practice. Soon time for training with my Sensei. I will start blog more often but as you may understand, this week has been fully occupied with surgeries and trainings 😉

Work for what YOU want.


Throwback thursday.

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Right now I’m at the university, waiting for today’s last lesson. First of all it’s rest-day today, which sucks… But I keep convincing my self that if I want to be the best I need to train hard, but “rest hard” also… Secondly, today is my younger brother’s birthday. The world’s best brother. We gonna celebrate him tonight so hopefully I can post some pics after that.

Tomorrow it’s training time again, first I will have a karate session in my Dojo and later I will go to the gym. Work hard! #TBT Throwback thursday, Swedish champion 2015 in both U21 och Senior. Never give up. Work hard. And always aim high.

FOTO: Jeff Tran


Summer-time, soon…

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I just wanna turn up the heat outside, put on a summerish dress, train hard and live the life. Right now I’m at the university and waiting for my training. Since we had our exam last week we are starting a new theme, Respiratory diseases, this week which means I don’t have so much to do, yet. So I just wanna train, NOW haha.

Anyway, maybe if I study a lot now I can train a lot later…?