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12 days.

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Can’t believe I will be done with school in less than 4 days. And I really can’t believe it’s christmas in less than 6 days. And if that’s not enough, it’s only 12 days left of 2015. 12 days left to 2016. Sound so crazy, and feels quite weird to write it haha Think i’m getting to emotional, have been studying now for hm 16 hours with a few short breaks of course. Maybe it’s time to sleep…. Tomorrow morning it’s finally time for a karate session. Looking forward. Otherwise I’m not doing much, training eating sleeping studying and...

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Train hard AND Study hard.

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Good afternoon ladies N Gentlemen. Such a fantastic weekend with a lot of trainings. Today is my rest day so it’s not too much fun.. But hey you gotta rest too if you want maximal results. So no training today but a lot of homework, only one week left to the last exam of 2015. Right now I’m at the University and “waiting” (studying while I’m waiting) for my last lesson. After that I’m finally going home, been at Uni since 8 this morning… Guess what I’m gonna do when I get back home?? Study.. 😉 A photo from this weekend showing how important...

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Today didnt go exactly as good as it did yesterday but it was still a good day. We trained a lot of whole katas where my sore muscles didn’t always do as I wanted but what to do excpet train harder and push yourself over your limit over and over again. Looking forward to a long night sleep and then a new day with new trainings. I really enjoy our camps. What else is happening? Well I’m studying every minute I have left since my last exam for this year is in a week. A lot to do in a short time.. Go Go Go. Btw keep an eye at the sponsored pictures at Instagram, one day you might see...

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Personal bests.

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WHAT A DAY! A fantastic day. As I told you before I’m at our national camp right now and today we have had a lot pf physical tests. I took a new PB in all tests. In chins I finally did 8, almost 9 but I had a few centimeters left. Also I improved my squats from august with 10 kg so not far until 100 kg now. I’m so happy with the day. There is so much I can improve but from august until now I’ve increased every single test so for tonight I will be just happy and tomorrow my roadtogold continues. Plus I got back the result from my exam earlier today which went great!! So feels...

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Busy life?

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Hey everybody! Guess what? I’ve missed this so much. Letting my self take a few minutes every night to update my blog. So much has happened since I last posted something. This semester is probably a new personal record of being busy with things I love. I have increased my training both in the number of trainings and the intensity, and the demands at the University have also increased which mean more time in school. Plus on my spare time I have worked at the hospital which I also love. So all in all, never been this busy but never been this happy either. So what has been happening? Well...

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So hey everybody, remember me? I haven’t had so much time to update my blog these last few weeks. Every week I’ve been abroad, and during the weeks I have been studying and training. I have increased my training now, feeling more addicted than ever. It’s crazy how bad I feel when I have my rest-days or only have one training a day… I spent this weekend in Salzburg for the last K1 of the year. I had a really tough draw but won my first match with 5-0, and then I lost second against the bronze medalist at the World championships from Peru. I’m not satisfied at all...

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