Busy life?

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Hey everybody! Guess what? I’ve missed this so much. Letting my self take a few minutes every night to update my blog. So much has happened since I last posted something. This semester is probably a new personal record of being busy with things I love. I have increased my training both in the number of trainings and the intensity, and the demands at the University have also increased which mean more time in school. Plus on my spare time I have worked at the hospital which I also love. So all in all, never been this busy but never been this happy either.

So what has been happening? Well first of all I ended this karate season on top. Last competition was Stockholm open where I took two of two golds. My motivation has been on top (like always hehe). Right after the competition I started a period of a lot of physics which I’m still in. This weekend is actually our national camp which includes a few tests of our physics and I’m really looking forward. I wanna see what I have increased and what I need to do better to become the best. #roadtogold

Less than 2 weeks left to christmas. I love all christmas-feelings. Only thing that I’m missing is the snow? Feeling crazy when I look out the window and see… rain???

Really gotta sleep now so I get a chance to rest before our tests tomorrow. But hey, I’m back on track so come back tomorrow for next post!



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So hey everybody, remember me? I haven’t had so much time to update my blog these last few weeks. Every week I’ve been abroad, and during the weeks I have been studying and training. I have increased my training now, feeling more addicted than ever. It’s crazy how bad I feel when I have my rest-days or only have one training a day…

I spent this weekend in Salzburg for the last K1 of the year. I had a really tough draw but won my first match with 5-0, and then I lost second against the bronze medalist at the World championships from Peru. I’m not satisfied at all with the result, but it still feels like I improved my katas compared to last competition (one week before that).. #roadtogold continues.

See the picture? See how many people you can get to do the same thing and tag #miakarlsson, Challenge accepted? Let’s see who can make the highest! 


The answer is blowing in the wind.

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It’s a new week with new opportunities. I have been watching A LOT of karate movies these last days and I’ve realized I’m really on the right tract, I just gonna find these small things to improve which will make my kata sooo much better. My #roadtogold will never stop. Losers complain, and winners train, right guys?!

Anyway, right now I’m watching karate films at youtube.. hehe. Gonna start my homework soon, rest-day today so a boring day as usually.. Better get back to all my work!

Three year old pic. Never give up. 


Work hard.

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Another weekend has come to its end. I had a lovely weekend, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family since my grandparents are here for a visit. #familyfirst. I also have been training and studying like usual. This is a short post, (enjoy the pic more than “the text” haha) I need to finish my studies before heading over to my bestie.

Btw, 1000+ followers now on Instagram, you haven’t missed my account right? Miakarlsson follow me.


Rise and Shine

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So tired this morning, no idea why, I slept for so many hours haha anyway I think maybe my body needed it. My days this weeks have all been starting 06.00 in the morning.. It’s so nice to finally have weekend! So what am I suppose to do this weekend? Study and train like always, nothing new on the schedule. Or well tomorrow I’ve actually have work, which I’m really looking forward too. It was a few weeks ago since my last time so tomorrow I’m really gonna enjoy my day.



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Hey you all readers out in the world, it has been a lovely day here in Sweden. My grandparents finally came for a visit, which I just love when they do. So I have been spending a lot of time with them today after being at the University. I was only there for 4 hours today, we had a practical lesson where we learned how to examine the abdomen. After that I went straight back home for some quality time with my grandparents. Right now I’m just about to start studying on our case which should be done on Thursday, so no rest here. Plus I got a session later at the gym, and when I’m done with that I’ll have a break before my karate session. Work hard train hard right? I have so many things I wanna improve, and I just wanna keep on training and work on these things. Btw, that is the reason behind my hashtag roadtogold (#roadtogold). My life is karate and I’m preparing, and always working really hard to improve my katas. This is my road to gold.

Search on the hashtag or follow my Instagram-account miakarlsson for both inspiration and motivation.




Back in Sweden.

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So the competition didn’t really go as well as I had hoped for. I was out against Turkey, (2nd at the European championship, and 3rd at the European games), and with no repechage. I wanted so badly to do an amazing kata that I didn’t let my body just do what it has trained on, what I have learned during my trainings. And this made my kata instabile, and not as explosive as I know I can do it. It’s important that their is a balance, you just gotta let everything go and perform your kata. Trust your body, and trust your knowledge. I maybe didn’t took a medal, but I’ve learned so much this weekend. I really started to understand what’s happening in my head when I’m about to enter the tatami. I’m looking forward so much to keep on training and just improve every little detail.

Our flight home yesterday took so many hours, everything was delayed. But still, when I landed in Stockholm, me and my friend Felix went straight to the Dojo and worked on some of the things we felt went wrong at the competition. Why waste any time? #roadtogold

After that I took the train back home to my city, even the train was delayed a few hours. Anyway, next competition will be German Open in three weeks. I’m so excited to just train hard, and give 110%.



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Alright here we go, first competition of this season. Feels really good and I’m truly looking forward to stand on that tatami and give 110%. If you search at sportdata for Istanbul open you will find the draws (they will come online tonight) and you can also follow the results there tomorrow. I’m up at 9.00 o’clock turkish time. Wish me luck! And keep visiting my blog for more updates from Türkiye.



At Uni.

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It’s been a really long day today, and it’s still not over (phu lucky me). Started my morning with going to the university, studied a bit on my own before our case with my group. Our new case is huge so I just sat down right after and started study, which I’m still doing. I just wanna get back home right now so I can train. Though I rather study hard now and study less in Istanbul, makes sense… Better get back on track with my studies so I can finish them for today, and get more time for training. Less than 24 hours left until I’m on my way to Istanbul.

Btw, from nowhere the sun showed up today. Thought it was gonna rain like all it does all the time nowadays… Anyway it didn’t, the picture is from this summer. Happy summer times with my bestie and the sun 😉



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Forget to tell you all about our district camp two days ago. A real good camp with a lot of a great athletes. The camp was one day with 2 trainings. We did both a lot of sequence training and we also worked on the whole kata. It was perfect timing given the fact I’m going to Istanbul on Friday. Only whole katas who counts on Saturday 😉

The picture is taken by Jeff Tran. Great pic!