Soon up: Istanbul

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Only 3 days left until this season’s first competition, which will be held in Turkey, Istanbul Open. I’m really looking forward. I wanna see what progresses I’ve made but also what I need to improve to get better. When you are at the tatami at a competition you see what you can achieve right in that moment, and that is what I wanna improve even more. I wanna be become the best. I will become the best. And I need to keep up with my training and never for one second give up or doubt.

What else is happening? Well I’m back at school, so I’m studying a lot.. Studying, eating, training, sleeping – repeat (!). Right now we are reading about colorectal cancer, interesting subject given that fact that some are more or less inherited. Anyway, I gotta finish our case so I can sleep. Tomorrow I’m back in the dojo. Work hard, train hard. 


Tour de Med

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Yesterday it was finally time for our Tour de Med, and for you who doesn’t know what it is – it’s an event where you are divided into groups and then you go by bicycle to each others home for different assignments, and only for us Med-students. It was harder to explain than I expected haha… Anyway Me and my friend found a Tandem to borrow so we had a real good time. It was a great night!

Today I have totally different plans for the day, soon I’m about to go and train karate, after that study a bit and then it’s time for work until 22.00 tonight 🙂 Tomorrow I’m at our district camp all day.

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No school today so I started my day with actually a few hours shopping with my younger brother. After that we went to my favorite gym in Örebro, ÖKK, and trained really hard. After 5 minutes I was all wet of sweat haha. Our session took almost a bit more than 2 hours. Anyway, after that I went back home and studied, which I have been doing until now.. It’s really about time I go to sleep. Tomorrow we have two lessons at Uni, so not too many hours now until my next training session.

Sleep well. 


Work hard, Train hard, Study hard.

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What a long day. First day back at University – it was so much fun to meet everybody again, I’m truly missed them all. We also got our first assignment today, which was HUGE. Really not a “soft start” after summer, but hey I’m not complaining, it just means I’ll get the chance to learn more during these few days. Gotta study real hard to finish this project. Anyway, my day at University was done around 02.20 pm and I started my work at the hospital 02.30 pm, sooo not a lot of time to rest. Lucky I truly like my job so that was no problem, I really enjoy it. My shift was done at 10.00 pm so I was home really late. Today was also my rest-day from all training so tomorrow I will train, study, train, study, train, study and then eat and sleep. Sounds like the typical day in my life.

To keep following my typical-day-schedule it’s really about time I go to sleep… Sleep well everybody. Don’t forget to smile.



Upcoming events.

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Hey everybody, remember me? This summer has probably been one of the best summers. Been training like a real crazy person, hanging with my friends, working, and sleeping of course 😉 It feels like I’ve actually have had time for everything I wanted, though I wouldn’t complain if I had done even more trainings.. haha I’m never full, always want to train more. So honestly I don’t know what to say about my summer, the training and my work has really been my top priority and that is what have taken most of my time. This summer’s training has had focus on increasing my strength.

Tomorrow I’m back at University. Starting my third year, feels like I did my first day yesterday. Anyway I’m looking forward to learn new things and see what this semester has to give.

About the headline, my schedule for the season is finally done. Everything is booked and done. It will be three premier league competitions and Banzai. Starting with Istanbul in two weeks.

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Un beso 



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Rise and shine everybody, I’m back with my posts again. So I thought from the beginning that during summer I will have so much more time than I usually have, but no no no, I was so wrong. Here I am, with a 10 minutes gap until I gotta go to work. I’m working quite a lot right now, and when I’m not working I’m training or resting (which is important even if I don’t like it…). Most of the times my days ends around 12.00 am. And depending on my schedule I sometimes start again 05.00.. But luckily I often start my day around 08.00 am. Which has left me no time for updating my blog.. But I got it more under control now so finally I can say Back on track. 

I started my day with a session at the gym. I can almost feel how my muscles are growing, and I can truly feel the results of better strength and balance. I really believe in this plan. Like I said before, now it’s time for work and after that I will have a sweaty Kihon session.



First July

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Already 1st July. Sweden is finally getting that hot summer-weather. I been thinking now for a few weeks that summer won’t come to Sweden, lucky it seems like I was wrong. Today it was so hot so it almost felt like the only thing I did was sweating. Sweating on my way to my training, sweating on my training, sweating on the way home from my training. Yeah “life is hard” 😉 Kidding, a bit disgusting, but yeah I actually love it. Imagine a freaking hard work out, everything felt really good and you’r all sweaty, admit it, feels kind of good?!

I just got back from the gym so now I’m really tired. Early morning tomorrow so I better get to sleep now.

The picture is from my vacation in Türkiye. #AIMHIGH


3 Weeks

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It has been 3 weeks since I last updated my blog. Way too long if you ask me. So what have I been doing during these weeks?

Well to start with I finished 2 whole years at Medical school. Same week my brother graduated from high school which was a big and important day for our family #familyfirst. So in graduation gift he got a trip to Türkiye with me, which meant no internet at all since we had vacation from everything, more or less. Anyway, we got back home and I started my “build-up” season -> a lot of time in the gym. Hm what else have I been doing… Yeah of course, I haven’t told you about my new job. This summer I’m working at a hospital and I just love it there. I’m all amazed by the fantastic staff and the opportunities to learn and more important, help our patients. Like I said, I love it there and I can’t wait until next workday!

That was probably the shortest recap of 3 whole weeks ever. It feels like I have so much I wanna tell, that I don’t know where to start. But right now I’m tired, my mind is tired, my body is tired – think it’s maybe time to sleep? I’v just came back from today’s training session which went great.

The picture is from Türkiye. I can’t be only lazy for one whole week, my body had to train so I ended many of my days with a run in the sea with the sunset behind.



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So today is my birthday. 21 crazy years. For a short moment I looked back at these 21 years and I realized how much I’ve actually accomplished.

A moment later I looked into the future, a bright future, and I saw all the possibilities in my life, and how much more and bigger things I know I can accomplish. I will succeed. I believe in myself. And I’m proud to be me.

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. There is only one thing to do on your birthday – do whatever you love to do. So I’ve been spending my day in the Dojo, covered in sweat, preparing for next goal. Dream, believe, achieve, and NEVER give up.



Four days.

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Four days until my last exam of this semester. Can’t wait!! Today was this week’s rest day so no training… my life has been feeling empty all day. So filled it with 13 hours of constant studies haha…

Tomorrow my alarm is set on 05.30 so I can go up in time to University. Gotta study a lot before lunch and dinner so that I can train after. Looking forward. Tomorrow’s session will be about training on all feedback I received from the camp this weekend.